In 2020 Foothills Milling Company restaurant saw the need for easy, delicious take out while the indoor dining was closed during the pandemic so we brought back our version of some of the favorite sandwiches from the Foothills Milling Café that had closed years ago. We have initially been operating as a to-go option only through the fine dining restaurant, Foothills Milling Company.
Our guests have been so happy to have this option and demand has been so high that we decided to renovate a building just below the restaurant and plan to expand on the artisan sandwiches by introducing an additional full menu of plant based options.
With the new location positioned directly on Blount counties greenbelt near the one mile marker, we will cater to the beauty and serenity of the area all while providing fresh delicious food. There will be a large outdoor covered patio to allow our guest a front row seat to the serenity of the atmosphere, also making it convenient for greenbelt walkers, joggers, bikers etc to stop for a tasty treat.
We hope to have the renovation completed soon, but until then we will continue the take out through the Foothills Milling Company restaurant.

Foothills Milling Café - Chefs


Everything at Foothills Milling Café is made fresh each day by hand.


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